Episode 360

A WMS LITE tailored for you

A lightweight Warehouse Management System changing the way you work

Our portal management Solution


A fully integrated portal adding value to your organizations by leveraging real-time data to make decisions faster.

  • data management,
  • business intelligence, and
  • lite warehouse management

Episode360 connects seamlessly with Sage, Microsoft and Acceo ERP and Accounting products.

Our turn-key solution will assist you in the new era of digital transformation, as our team of skilled professionals will provide for you a personalized service.

Key functions

  • Shipping process
  • Shipment grouping by carrier (BOL)
  • Automated label printing
  • Picking process
  • Easily manage shipping, orders and invoices
  • DC/Store location management
  • Bin location management
  • Flow control
  • Automatic invoicing
  • EDI integration with Negolink


  • Spend time managing the orders you need to ship.
  • Control your picking process
  • Automate your label printing
  • Manage order(s) picked but still not shipped
  • BIN reservation between picking and shipping sequence
  • Print reports automatically

Digital experience

  • Accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Data simplified
  • Centralized data and connected to your specific sub-systems
  • Optimized for performance
  • Mobile friendly
  • Enhanced security model
  • Customize your team views
  • Reporting is now dynamic

Managing your supply chain needs has never been easier

We will assess your requirement,

Scope your project,

Integrate with your platforms,

Train your team.

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Real-time data at your fingertips

Connecting you across all the necessary sub-systems, you will be able to make decisions faster, increasing transparency within your teams, and developing a synergy amongst decision makers.

A quick look into performance driven architecture

Not only do we help you manage your EDI fullfillment needs; Episode 360 is positioned to improve and optimize your Warehouse, Manufacturing and Distribution functions.